Essential Oils–Basics

The Webinar!



So many people are talking about essential oils. What's up with that? They are not woo woo. Trust me. There's REAL SCIENCE and RESEARCH behind them. We will talk about that.


I sooooo wish I had've know about how these oils could have helped me years ago, but I am very grateful to have them in my life now. 

Join us on June 27th @ 7:00 pm PST for a basic overview on how to harness the immense power of these little drops of plant goodness. 


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This is what we will cover: 

  • What are essential oils? Therapeutic-grade oils are distilled from plants cultivated organically or grown wild in a clean environment. They are pure natural compounds. 

  • How can I use them in my life? Essential oils support the body in maintaining balance. 

  • We will share some science behind the oils. There is SO MUCH science. I thought oils were so woo woo, before I did some digging about this. 

  • We will talk about detoxing our homes and some ideas on how we can use oils to make things in our homes. I love to make my own personal care products with my oils. I will share some recipes after the webinar with the folks who join in! 

  • We will talk about doTERRA and their amazing mission to the world and their commitment to producing the best possible quality of essential oils through third party testing. 

  • We will share some of the most popular oils and how you can use them in your every day home life. 

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BONUS–All webinar participants will have access to a free document with some great recipes to make some of your own personal care products. 

The downside of an online webinar is that you don't get to smell the oils. If after the webinar, you are dying to try an oil out, send me an email and I will mail you a sample.