Goals With Soul! Featuring The Desire Map

Whole Living with Potent Clarity 


How do you want to feel?

In your heart, your body, your career?

When you wake up in the morning, when you speak your peace?

When you set goals, do you think about what you want to achieve, or do you think about how those achievements will make you feel?

Are you even aware of the feelings you would like to feel on a daily basis?

Has striving to become the person you think you "should" be weakened that poor little pulse of personal preference to the point where you can barely locate it?



Level 1 The Desire Map Workshop s a program for clarifying what you truly want in every area of your life, and using that powerful awareness to guide your choices from now on.You will leave this workshop knowing your “core desired feelings” – a guidance system for your decision-making.

A GPS for your soul


The Desire Map, created by Danielle Laporte is a holistic approach to life planning that uses your core desired feelings as your guide.

Luminate’s strengths-based approach to wellness is perfectly expressed by the Desire Map. This process allows you to see your natural-born desires as productive forces, rather than inconveniences or uncomfortable sensations that haunt you, reminding you of how far you feel from wholeness.


But what happens when you shine a light on your desires and call them by name?

Let’s take Luminate Wellness Founder Jenn Cusick as an example. Her Core Desired Feelings are Joy, Abundance, Grace, Connection, Aligned, and Golden. What does the daily pursuit of these Feelings mean for Jenn? Among other things, it means she chooses to honour her curious and innovative spirit by running a business that allows her to investigate and deliver development and wellness initiatives that help people shine a light on their strengths. She has set up her life to allow for optimal generation of the Feelings she is determined to feel.

For more information about The Desire Map, or to purchase product, click the above picture. 

For more information about The Desire Map, or to purchase product, click the above picture. 

The Luminate-led Desire Map workshop will help you to understand why your desire is a fundamental strength, a potent revolutionary force.

  • It will help you to clarify your ‘core desired feelings’ and use them as a powerful guide for goal-setting and life-planning.

  • It will show you how to set up every part of your everyday life to stoke those bright feelings into a roaring blaze.