Making Room for Serenity


Emotions and Essential Oils


What can you do to support yourself when life feels like it's spiralling?

There are many ways to build the resiliency we need to feel in control of our emotions and mental health.

Cultivating Self-compassion (offering the same kindness towards ourselves that we would give someone we love deeply) is a huge predictor of living a life of serenity and joy. 

As well, learning to take personal responsibility for our lives is huge. Self-empowered living is all about feeling equipped to make good choices in our wellness journey. 

Jenn Cusick worked in community mental health for 20 years before launching Luminate Wellness. She understands personally, how feeling lost in the darkness can be so debilitating. 

Through both her work supporting others on their recovery journeys, and her own experience figuring out the right self-care tools to keep her from falling into a downward spiral, she knows a lot about emotional well-being and resiliency.

One of Jenn's soul vitamins for empowered living is essential oils. They have given her so much support through some difficult times. 

Self-empowered living includes awareness of how we currently feel, desire around how we want to feel, and having self-compassion for ourselves while we figure out what we need to do.

On this webinar you will learn more about:

* The importance of self-compassion. (What is self-compassion).

* The role of pain in finding joy.

* Self-empowered living, through mindful self-care.

* How the olfactory system and limbic system work together. (A scent can quickly trigger an emotion.)

* Some of the science behind essential oils as support for our emotional wellness.

* The importance of choosing a high quality essential oils.

* The oils are that are the best for supporting our emotional well-being.