WRAP Facilitator training - (Seminar 2)

Luminate Wellness is able to offer this training to your agency, or organization.

The recovery movement is alive and well in Canada. 

WRAP® is a recovery program governed by a well-defined set of values and ethics that encourage self-determination.


We all know that all change comes from within.

Human beings do not make significant life changes because someone tells us to. Growth comes when we want to make a change. 


WRAP® is making a significant contribution to the recovery movement in Canada. Western Canada has many trained WRAP facilitators who are doing their part in supporting change within the local mental health system so that it honours the recovery journey of people it supports. 


Luminate Wellness offers the five-day WRAP® Facilitator training, using the Copeland Center's standard agenda. Click here to contact us about a booking a training.

The Facilitator Training is co-facilitated by two Copeland Center certified Advanced Level Facilitators.

Participants in the Seminar 2 certification course are given an intensive training that focuses on the strength-based, self-determination approach that is the foundation WRAP is built upon. 

The approach is built on a core set of values and ethics:

  • highlighting the significance of authenticity

  • creating an experiential learning environment build on mutuality and unconditional high regard

  • a non-negotiable belief that everybody is an expert on themselves 


Participants will deepen their understanding of wellness and recovery and learn transferable facilitation skills.

Each participant will receive a Facilitator Manual written by Dr. Mary Ellen Copeland, the founder of Wellness Recovery Action Plan®

Interactive learning activities and participation is expected of all participants.


Anyone can facilitate WRAP. Trained Facilitators are expected to embrace the values and ethics and stand shoulder to shoulder with participants,  creating environments based on mutual learning. 


Prior to attending the Facilitator training, participants are expected to have completed one of the following prerequisites, and have a deep familiarity with the knowledge base of WRAP: 

  • A two or three-day Seminar 1 WRAP workshop, facilitated by WRAP facilitators

  • A 15 - 18 hour weekly Seminar 1 workshop or WRAP group, facilitated by WRAP facilitators

  • The Copeland Center Correspondence course. 

Additionally participants are expected to have experience developing and utilizing their own personal WRAP. 


When you hire Luminate Wellness to deliver your WRAP facilitator training, you will also receive some ongoing support for your facilitators. This will vary depending on the service package you choose to purchase.