30–Day Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Challenge

My Friend Brandi Matheson, who is a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction facilitator, are pairing up to offer you a 30 day challenge to begin or deepen you mindfulness and self-compassion practice. 

Do you: 

– find yourself stuck on autopilot. "I'm too busy" enters your mind all the time. 

–think that everyone else's needs are more important that your own. 

 –feel like life is passing by–you're surviving, but not enjoying little moments.

–let your inner critic reign supreme. 

–stuff your feelings. When something painful happens, you stuff, stuff, stuff your feelings. 

The challenge has 4 different weekly themes. 

Week 1–Self-Kindness

Depression and anxiety are at an all time high. According to the Mental Health Commission of Canada 1 in 5 people have a diagnosed mental health issue...many struggle without being diagnosed.

According to SAMHSA's (US) 2014 study, 43.6 million people age 18 and up experience some kind of mental health issue.

Research is saying that a lack of self-kindness and self-compassion is contributing to these numbers.

❤️ Self-compassion is a concept that is not always super easy to understand. It can be difficult to integrate self compassion and creating a daily practice of self-kindness into our lives.

❤️ Self-compassion also differs from self-esteem.

❤️ When we begin to create daily mindfulness and self-compassion practices, we feel better about ourselves and we are better able to make choices that contribute to our overall wellness.

❤️ We can start exploring things that light up us. Find our curiosity. Build stronger connection& community. Figure out how we want to feel and make deliberate choices that make us feel good most of the time.

❤️ It starts with self-kindness. Offering ourselves the same kindness we would give others we love.

Week 2–Clearing Space and Practicing Stillness


In a world where we feel barraged by commitments and information, we will explore what the idea of making space for what we really want. In order to add the things we want into our lives, we need to get rid of something.

✨ We will talk about: - The compulsion of society to be busy all the time.

✨ Technology and how it can get in the way of being present.

✨ Desire and contentment. - Creating space for the sacred in your life

✨ The power of saying no, and the freedom that comes with saying no. 

Week 3-Sitting With Discomfort.

We all want to feel good, but feeling good, involves growth. Growth doesn't come without discomfort. We tend to get apprehensive and shy away from feeling uncomfortable.

However when we change our perspective on discomfort it can be so freeing. It's just a part of the journey.

🌿  We will explore the idea of sitting with discomfort this week.

🌿  We will talk about how building a new practice comes with challenges.

🌿  We will also explore the idea of resistance and how it shows up when we are building something new.

Week 3–Creating Community

We are wired for connection. We are so deeply interconnected with one another, yet we live in a society that is becoming increasingly individualistic. 

This week will be all about exploring the importance of electric connection. 

We will talk about:

❤️ Understanding worldview. We each come to the table with a different way of looking at the world. When we understand that truths are not "absolute" for everyone, we begin to be able to understand multiple perspectives. 

❤️  Judgement vs. discernment. It is impossible not to judge. We are wired to judge. However with a sense of mindfulness, and understanding of worldview, we can learn to suspend our judgement towards others. Eventually changing out whole perspective. 

❤️ We are wired for community/the need for belonging. We will explore the idea of building those rich, electric connections.

❤️  We will talk about creating open, safe spaces. Spaces that are built on love and acceptance, and letting go of the need to see an outcome.

The 30 day Mindfulness and Self-Compassion challenge begins on December 1st, 2016. 

You will receive an email every morning. 

The email will contain a short audio meditation, or a mindful movement video. Each day you will have some thoughts for reflection and some days each week you will get a simple worksheet on the theme for the week. 

I want to join the 30 Day challenge!If you want in–sign up here!