We live in an era when depression, and anxiety is at an all time high. A recent statistic says that one in five people in Canada will struggle with a mental illness. Only one in three people struggling  seek support. 

We are bombarded with responsibilities that can seem too much to bear. There are limits to how much we can do. If we are withdrawing more than we are depositing, we are going to run into trouble. Overdraft is imminent. 

However when we have the right tools, we can boost our personal resilience and see our lives transformed by self-mastery, mindfulness and self-awareness. 

Here's what some past clients are saying:

“I have been fortunate to collaborate with Jenn on various recovery based training initiatives over the past 10 years. She has always demonstrated a high level of skill and flexibly in her delivery of services. She has been very creative in responding to training needs that we have identified. Jenn is very passionate about supporting individuals to develop the skills to be effective in their roles whether it is their personal lives or professional roles. She has worked with a wide range of individuals and I have received positive feedback from my staff that have attended training programs that she facilitated.”

— Anthony Neptune - Fraser Health Rehabilitation and Recovery Manager (for more testimonials–click HERE)

WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) is a wellness program that encourages personal responsibility, positive mental health, self-determination, self-mastery and self-awareness for all demographics.  

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Luminate Wellness is an organizational member of The Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery - (the non-profit that oversees WRAP internationally).

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WRAP® is an evidenced-based, facilitated group learning process that helps participants create their own wellness plans. This plan is a tool that helps them make healthy choices and face life’s challenges with courage and insight.


All significant growth comes from within.  

Wellness Recovery Action Plan® was created by Mary Ellen Copeland along with a group of people who were all dealing with mental health challenges. They created a powerful tool to take control of their own health and see recovery happen in their lives. Since then WRAP® has become an evidence-based best practice in the field of mental health. It was deliberately written so that it can be utilized by anyone, not just those dealing with mental illness. People struggling with physical illnesses or addictions can use it. So can people who are trying to reach a life goal.



People of all ages can use WRAP: children, teens, and adults. Families and teams can use WRAP. Organizations and programs frequently use WRAP as a tool to keep the team well. Support staff and clinicians can use WRAP as a tool for self-care. WRAP can help prevent burnout.


Why Hire Jenn Cusick of Luminate Wellness?


Jenn Cusick is one of the first Advanced Level Facilitators in Canada, if not the first. Her work with WRAP began in 2002, so she has 14 years experience with implementing the program, training facilitators, mentoring Advanced Level Facilitators, and supporting a large system to make WRAP a key recovery and wellness program. 

She has trained hundreds of WRAP facilitators both in Canada and in the United States, and has facilitated close to 50 Facilitator Trainings, as well and many WRAP workshops. 

Jenn uses WRAP in her own life. It is a tool that has made a huge positive difference in dealing with personal life challenges.  

Jenn works on contract with the Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery, facilitating trainings for them. Jenn is also writing monthly articles, for the membership constituents of the Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery. Luminate Wellness works closely with The Copeland Center in Canada. 

Luminate Wellness is a Canadian company, and we understand the Canadian health care system, and the current challenges of the Canadian dollar.

Luminate Wellness follows the WRAP guidelines and all full workshops and facilitator trainings are co-facilitated. Luminate Wellness contracts with experienced facilitators. 

Jenn understands WRAP from a systems approach. She laid the groundwork, and spearheaded the development of the infrastructure needed with bringing WRAP to Fraser Health. WRAP is now being offered in Fraser Health in every center and is a bit part of their five year strategic goal. She understands the way health care systems work and the challenges, struggles and solutions that come with starting a new initiative.

She is experienced in mentoring new WRAP Facilitators and Advanced Level Facilitators.