About Luminate Wellness

Luminate Wellness delivers personal development workshops, trainings, and resources to individuals and organizations bravely committed to challenging the status quo for the sake of exuberant wellness. 

Led by British Columbia’s Wellness Recovery Action Plan pioneer Jenn Cusick, Luminate offers a complement of strengths-based, innovative, and best practice tools and trainings for people who need to creatively shift the way they work, live, play, and care for themselves and others. Luminate believes that fixating on problems wastes the energy that we could be devoting towards identifying and maximizing strengths. 

We unearth desires and illuminate strengths because true wellness at home and work is within reach. Profit, productivity, peace of mind, and purpose are striding forward, hand in hand. You have time to catch up. 

Our Vision & Purpose

We believe that everybody has the ability and the right to live a life of wholeness and purpose despite setbacks and challenges. Luminate Wellness is committed to shining a light on strengths and teaching clients to listen to their own inner teachers. We do this so that they can take the reins of their lives and organizations, and live dynamic, synergistic lives.