About Jenn Cusick, Luminate Founder

Photo by What Dreams May Become Photography

Photo by What Dreams May Become Photography

Jenn has been a mental health professional for over twenty years. During those decades of service with organizations like Communitas Supportive Care Society and Fraser Health Authority (FHA), she has been a relentless force for innovation. She sees sparks—programs and projects with the potential to serve humanity in bright new ways—and tends to them until they catch fire, transforming their surroundings

In 2002 she introduced the Copeland Center’s revolutionary Wellness Recovery and Action Plan to British Columbia, advocating for agency support until the model was integrated into all 14 communities within the FHA. She is continuing to support FHA with a large-scale WRAP project. Similarly, she transformed the FHA’s first Peer Support Program from a small and underutilized program to a robust service that reaches struggling people in incredibly diverse settings.

Creating mental health programs that served so many different groups of people stoked Jenn’s creativity until she was dancing in place, completely incapable of relegating herself to a single program, system, or community. She created Luminate Wellness in order to satisfy her itchy visionary spirit, and share what she has learned from her time on the frontlines of wellness and recovery with an even broader community.  

For twenty years, she has been creating curriculum, delivering trainings, and facilitating workshops that kick doors open in the minds of her clients. She has been leading the way to wellness primarily by honouring her own pioneering spirit. She can’t stop now. 

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