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Do you: 

– find yourself stuck on autopilot. "I'm too busy" enters your mind all the time. 

–think that everyone else's needs are more important that your own. 

 –feel like life is passing by–you're surviving, but not enjoying little moments.

–let your inner critic reign supreme. 

–stuff your feelings. When something painful happens, you stuff, stuff, stuff your feelings. 

If this is you, you will benefit from the FREE:

Sign up for this on your own, or gather with a group of friends, family or colleagues and support each other through the 30 days! 

How this works:

The 30 day Mindfulness and Self-Compassion challenge begins on December 1st, 2016. 

You will receive an email every morning. 

The email will contain a short audio meditation, or a mindful movement video. Each day you will have some thoughts for reflection and some days each week you will get a simple worksheet on the theme for the week. 

Why start something like this in the busiest month of the year? Many people find the holidays very stressful, and way too busy. We felt that beginning a practice like this during such a busy time would be such a great gift to yourself. It is our goal that you will get through this month feeling calmer and way more centered. 

Please make sure to check your bulk folder and add our first email to your address book. 

The challenge began on December 1st.

You are welcome to still join! The content you missed is archived, so you will gain access to it when you sign up. 

Week One
The Practice of Self-Kindness

Each day we will cover topics like:

  • What is self-compassion?
  • The dangers of the inner critic and self-flagellation
  • Sitting with pain, and avoiding reactivity
  • Evoking fierce grace & gratitude. The danger of comparison
  • The human condition
  • What we focus on expands

Week Two
Clearing Space and Practicing Stillness

  • The compulsion of society to be busy all the time
  • Technology and how it can get in the way of being present
  • Desire and contentment.
  • Creating space for the sacred in your life
  • The power of saying no.

Week Three
Sitting With Discomfort

  • The role of discomfort in growth
  • Is comfort really the best for us?
  • Building a new practice.
  • Pushing past resistance.

Week Four
Creating Community

  • Understanding worldview
  • Judgement vs. discernment
  • We are wired for community/the need for belonging
  • Creating open, safe spaces.
  • love and acceptance–letting go of my need to see an outcome.

We respect your privacy. Jenn Cusick (from Luminate Wellness and Brandi Matheson (from Brandi Matheson Yoga and Mindfulness) will not share your info with any third parties. That would be icky. 

Mindfulness and Self-Compassion are spoken about a lot, but what do these terms actually mean?

Learn that they are more than just trendy, buzz words. Living mindfully with self-compassion requires daily practice.

The goal of this challenge is to give you the tools to begin a daily practice. 

The Facilitators of the 30 Day Challenge: 


Jenn Cusick of Luminate Wellness

  • Jenn has over 20 years experience working in the mental health recovery field. 
  • Jenn is an Advanced Level Facilitator for (WRAP) Wellness Recovery Action Plan. She has been training facilitators since 2007, and she brought the program to BC in 2002. 

  • Jenn is an Appreciative Inquiry (AI) facilitator certified through the Center for Appreciative Inquiry in Las Vegas. AI is a strength-based approach to growth and change that harnesses the best of what already IS, and builds on those strengths

  • Jenn is a Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner–certified through Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association. 
  • Jenn is a Desire Map facilitator. Jenn facilitates the process of digging deep within so you can discover your inner guru. 
  • Jenn makes wellness jewelry and educates people about essential oils and their role in supporting our emotional health. 

Jenn believes that everybody has the ability and the right to live a life of wholeness and purpose despite setbacks and challenges. Jenn is committed to shining a light on strengths and supporting people to listen to their own inner teachers–so that they can take the reins of their lives and organizations, and live dynamic, synergistic lives.

To learn more about Jenn, click here


Brandi Matheson of Brandi Matheson Yoga and Mindfulness

  • Brandi has over 11 years experience working in the mental health recovery field. 

  • Brandi is a qualified facilitator of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) certified through the University of Massachusetts, Medical School, Centre For Mindfulness. 
  • Brandi is a certified 200hr yoga instructor. She has completed a certificate program through Langara College in Therapeutic Yoga for Trauma & Emotional Well-Being.
  • Brandi completed a meditation and mindfulness mentorship program with Michael Stone, renowned Buddhist Teacher, Author, and Social Activist, and have been working one on one, with one of his senior teachers, Rose Ricco.
  • Brandi has completed two, 10 day, and one 5 day silent Vipassana (Insight/Mindfulness) meditation courses.

Brandi deeply believes that a daily practice of stillness and mindful movement is the underpinning to living a more vibrant life. In practice, we learn to embrace each moment as it is, wholeheartedly, pleasant or not, and in turn we begin to suffer less and live more!

To learn more about Brandi, click here. 

For Brandi's facebook page, click here


Essential Oil Meditation Blend

If you wish to purchase an essential oil blend that supports meditation. We have selected a blend of oils (frankincense, vetiver, lavender, bergamot, rosemary) that support building a sense of calm, grounding, and focus while uplifting the spirit with a bit of citrus (wild orange and grapefruit). Using this during your quiet time, and throughout the day, can support mindfulness, and anchor your self-compassion practice.

For more information click here. 

This blend enhances the process of building a practice, but it's optional. It's free to sign up for the challenge. If you choose to add the blend, the fee is just to cover the costs of the blend.